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The band was formed in 1989 by vocalist Tamás Takáts and guitarist Gábor Gál. At first we played ’blues classics’ of the 1920-30s – this music is reflected on our first release in 1991. Since then the band has released 6 CDs featuring the group’s own compositions and another CD with cover songs of early blues classics. In our concerts the bands plays a cross-section of its musical history: from the early blues tunes through the group’s top hits to our rarely perfomed songs, no matter whether we play ’loud’ or ’unplugged’. And all this is done just as Tamás has wrote on the back cover of one of our CD, as a band motto:’all music notes are played by the musician single-handedly, and the singer sings in his own voice’. It has always been characteristic of the Blues Band’s activity to come through equally in smaller clubs, at outdoor festivals and at main stage performances visited by thousands. Tamás, with his often ironic sense of humour and funny comments between songs, always touches base.

It has been a great professional acknowledgement for us that through the years we have been chosen as supporting band for many star bands and performers giving concert is Hungary: Bryan May (Queen), Alvin Lee (Ten Years After), Eric Burdon (Animals), John Mayall, Chris Farlowe, James Brown. The Blues Band was the first European non-English speaking group to act as supporting band for the Rolling Stones, in 1995 in Budapest. Of the innumerable concerts of the previous years we find especially significant the ones given at the 2002 Puistobles Fest, our regular gigs at the Sziget Festival since 1992 and also at the international Gastroblues Festival in Paks.

The members of the band:

Tamás Takáts – vocals, blues harp, guitar

Gábor Gál – guitar,

Sándor Patyi – bass

Károly Tóth – drums